How Apple’s New iPhone Display Could Extend Your Battery Life

Apple added a new ProMotion feature to the display of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max that could extend battery life. The entire iPhone 13 lineup features greater battery capacity but that alone doesn’t account for the big gains in playback time of the Pro models. Since the screen is often the biggest power drain for mobile devices, it makes sense to optimize efficiency and in this case, it brings other benefits as well.

Although Apple’s new iPhone 13 models have the same screen sizes as the previous generation, the devices have gotten a tiny bit heavier and thicker. The extra weight is likely because the battery size has increased. The difference is so minimal, however, that something else must be going on to add an extra eight hours to the battery life of the iPhone 13 Pro Max when compared to the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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Apple has a technology known as ProMotion that varies how often the display is updated. It might not seem like this would have a significant impact on battery life, but it does. Apple rates the iPhone 13 Pro Max video playback time at up to 28 hours, while last year’s model only reached a maximum of 20 hours of playback. That 18-percent is reflected in the increase in audio playback which increased from 80 to 95 hours, presumably with the screen off. ProMotion can reduce screen updates to as few as 10 times per second and, in theory, the user will never notice the difference.

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How Apple Extends Battery Life
How Apple's New iPhone Display Could Extend Your Battery Life 3

Apple first introduced its ProMotion adaptive refresh rate with the displays used by the 2017 iPad Pro models, making it surprising that it took four more years to reach the iPhone. Besides increasing battery life by slowing the screen updates that use a significant amount of energy every second, it provides a smoother scrolling experience, more enjoyable gaming, and higher accuracy in the timing of frames in video content. The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max enjoy much longer battery life, in part because of greater battery capacity, but also due to advanced ProMotion display technology.

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Apple also extends the iPhone’s battery life by automatically switching between 5G and LTE when 5G speeds are needed. Eventually, 5G promises to offer higher speed and more energy efficiency. At the moment, 5G’s faster speeds require more processor activity and, since signal strength might not be the best in some areas, more power is required to connect. In contrast, LTE is fairly pervasive and a closer tower might use much less energy.

Apple manages this intelligently so the user doesn’t have to worry about it. It is possible to switch this feature off in the Settings app if full-time 5G is desired. While chip advances can help battery life, the transistor scale of Apple’s A15 remained the same as the A14 and so the chip is unlikely to have had a major effect.

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Source : ScreenRant, Apple, 9to5Mac

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