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The Most Viewed Facebook Memes In 2021 So Far, According To Facebook

The Most Viewed Facebook Memes In 2021 So Far, According To Facebook

Facebook recently released their first Widely Viewed report revealing random text memes are the most popular form of Facebook post by millions of views. The Widely Viewed report will be issued every quarter for the US and is expected to be extended internationally. Facebook’s efforts for transparency were triggered by the US election, COVID-19 pandemic, and the misinformation crisis that followed, which put social media in the spotlight.

This past year Facebook has come under fire as its platform was exploited by individuals peddling fake news. The company had to respond to the way it handled the storming of the US Capitol and the US presidential transition. Facebook’s ban on all Trump accounts and the recent vaccine misinformation crisis added to the pressure the company faces today. More recently, Afghanistan’s Taliban accounts have solidified Facebook’s new image as a politically focused platform with serious responsibilities and the ability to impact lives.

This strays from the original Facebook vision of a site where friends and family share posts and images. The new Facebook Widely Viewed report seemingly suggests that the company’s roots are still intact, despite the high-profile social media drama unfolding every day.

Almost all of the top 20 most-viewed posts on Facebook Widely Report are random text and image memes, or quirky questions meant to generate a huge number of responses and shares. Ranking first on the list with 80.6 million views was a puzzle meme from Gaur Gopal Das, a personal coach, monk, lifestyle & motivational strategist.

Other popular text posts included challenges and questions like “I´m old but I look young, challenge, drop a pic 30 and up”, “What is something you will never eat no matter how hungry you get”, “Please settle this debate, does sugar go in spaghetti”, “Peanut butter goes with (don’t say jelly),” These offbeat memes range from 61 to 48 million views approximately each, but the entire top 20 list accounts for less than one-tenth of one percent of overall views on the platform, according to Facebook.

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Content Is King?

Content Is King?
The Most Viewed Facebook Memes In 2021 So Far, According To Facebook 3

Memes of dogs, misspelled money challenge questions, small talk on old tv shows, comments on bad alcohol drinking experiences, emoticons hugging or laughing and dropping a tear; Are these a symbol of how relevant social media really is? Are social media channels used to spread information or misinformation, or just funny pictures of cats? The last meme in the top 20 rankings was another text meme, this time from actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt who wrote “Write a sad story…in only 4 words”. Perhaps today we can write “Facebook’s Content is King,” and based on what’s on Facebook’s list, it’s a sad story indeed.

Facebook said they wanted to provide transparency and clarity on what people are actually looking at when they come to the site. Perhaps Facebook was looking to end all those endless Congressional hearings. “Halloween had twice the increase in posting we saw on Election Day, even when Facebook prompted people at the top of their News Feed (a number of times) to post about voting,” Facebook explains. According to the social network’s report, many users are not that interested in politics nor misinformation but are more drawn to goofy social games and challenges.

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