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Why Philips Hue’s New ‘Light Tube’ Is The Coolest Hue Product Yet

Why Philips Hue’s New ‘Light Tube’ Is The Coolest Hue Product Yet

Signify recently announced a new type of smart lighting technology in the shape of a tube and the various effects that it’s capable of might make it the coolest Phillips Hue product yet. The ability to adjust the color and brightness of lighting at a moment’s notice from a smartphone or smart speaker is already a great convenience and this new technology goes even further with more control, greater reach, and improved flexibility.

Phillips launched its Hue bulb in 2012, being one of the first major brands to enter the market with color-changing LED bulbs. Offering wide compatibility with smart home solutions, including Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s HomeKit, Google Nest, and Samsung’s SmartThings, Phillips Hue is an easy way to get started with smart lighting. A Phillips Hue app is available for iPhone and Android devices as well. The company changed its name to Signify in 2018 but has kept the Phillips Hue brand name for its smart color-changing LED products.

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A new Phillips Hue product was announced recently, called the Play gradient light tube. Designed to be a backlighting accessory for big screen televisions, the tube has the ability to create a gradation of colors. For example, one end of the tube might shine with an intense violet color that transitions to a brilliant gold at the other end, providing many more possibilities for beautiful and dramatic room lighting. Designed to rest below the TV or sit above it, the Play gradient light tube will be available in two sizes and is expected to become available in early 2022.

TV & Music Sync With Phillips Hue

TV & Music Sync With Phillips Hue
Why Philips Hue's New 'Light Tube' Is The Coolest Hue Product Yet 3

Since the new Play gradient light tube is controllable with the Phillips Hue app, this colorful LED light will have access to all of the capabilities the platform allows, including the upcoming Spotify integration that syncs lights to music. Possibly even more impressive, the tube can dynamically adjust the lighting to match the colors that appear on the television, allowing the current scene to affect a wider area of the room, adding a more theater-like mood to entertainment. Another new feature coming to the app is the ability to adjust the color and brightness throughout the day, to simulate the movement of the sun while indoors.

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Signify offers a wide range of Phillips Hue bulbs, light strips, lamps, and fixtures. All can be managed via the iPhone or Android app and are compatible with all major smart home solutions and smart speakers, such as Google’s Nest, Amazon’s Echo, and Apple’s HomePod lines. Being able to adjust the lighting of a room quickly and easily makes television more immersive and the new sun simulating feature might even help to balance circadian rhythms. Signify keeps innovating in the area of lighting ambiance and the upcoming Phillips Hue Play gradient light tube might be its coolest product yet.

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