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Forget The Pixel 6 Pro, The Pixel 6a Could Be Google’s Most Exciting Phone

Forget The Pixel 6 Pro, The Pixel 6a Could Be Google’s Most Exciting Phone

Google’s set to take the Android world by storm this fall with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro — however, the Pixel 6a is the smartphone this writer is particularly excited for. Ever since Google initially pre-announced the phones on August 2, there’s been relentless excitement for the Pixel 6 series (and more specifically, the Pixel 6 Pro). Google’s 2021 flagship flaunts a gorgeous design, hugely upgraded camera system, and limitless possibilities from the new Google Tensor chip. If there’s even been a reason to be excited about a Pixel, the Pixel 6 Pro demands that time is now.

As good as the Pixel 5a is, it very much feels like a phone Google released with very little passion. It gave the Pixel-a lineup a new entry for 2021 and was able to replace last year’s budget handsets, but it does very little to push the budget market forward in any meaningful way. With the Pixel 6a in 2022, Google has the chance to do the exact opposite.

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Why The Pixel 6a Has So Much Potential

Why The Pixel 6a Has So Much Potential
Forget The Pixel 6 Pro, The Pixel 6a Could Be Google's Most Exciting Phone 3

In a way, Google almost had to make the Pixel 5a a ‘boring’ device. It gets the job done for folks who need a new smartphone right now, but it’s also plenty uninteresting enough to keep enough excitement building for the Pixel 6 lineup. Once the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are here, however, there’s nothing holding Google back from bringing its new smartphone vision to the mid-range.

What might that mean for the Pixel 6a? Imagine an affordable Pixel handset with Google Tensor, refreshed cameras, and a similar-ish design to the Pixel 6. Google can make all of the necessary cuts it wants, be it a high-end telephoto sensor or wireless charging, but the idea of a Pixel 6-like device for around $500 could be incredible.

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There are plenty of chances for things to go wrong leading up to the Pixel 6a. Google Tensor may not be the shining star it’s being hyped up to be, the new Pixel design could have functional issues we don’t know about, and there’s always the chance Google decides to keep using Qualcomm on its A-series for one reason or another. If none of that happens — and that is a huge if — the Pixel 6a could very well be the phone to rule them all in 2022.

Source : ScreenRant, Google

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